Saturday, January 5, 2013

William Joseph Seymour

The Azusa Street revival was lead by William Joseph Seymour, who was the son of former slaves. William rejected racial barriers and promoted "Unity under Christ" and always encourage Women to preach the gospel. He believed in the "speaking of other tongues" as evidence of the Holy Ghost and of course suffered much rejection because of this belief. The Azusa Street revival of Los Angeles began as a small prayer meeting and grew to a large street revival that continued until 1915. The news of the revival, folks speaking in tongues and demonstrating in the holy ghost, and the miracles that were being reported were investigated by both secular and religious people from all over the world. Out of this revival came the Pentecostal Holiness Movements and the various Pentecostal churches and denominations we see today. Today more than 500 million people consider themselves Pentecostal.

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