Saturday, January 5, 2013

The First High Priest

An illustration of what the ministering attire wore by Aaron (Moses' brother the first high priest) and all the subsequent high priests may have looked like as described to Moses in Exodus by God. The turban and gold plate which said "Holy unto The Lord" because he bore the sin and guilt of the people whom he made atonement for; the 2 onyx stones on the shoulders each had 6 of the twelves sons/tribes of Israel written on them; the breastplate and ephod which had 12 precious stones from an topaz to a diamond representing the twelve sons/tribes according to their birth months: this lit up and aided the priest in making decisions; the sash or girdle which represents strength; and at the hem there are alternating pomegranates and bells, as the priest ministered in the Holy of Holies as long the people heard the bells jingle they knew he was still alive and was not struck down because of some sin or unrighteousness... A rope was tied around his waist so if he did die they would drag him out since no one but a chosen high priest was allowed in the Holy of Holies or else you would die .... This can be found in the book of Exodus extensively .... I thank God we no longer have to go through this because Jesus is both our high priest and sacrifice! From: for us to be serious about studying the bible so much in it, so much to bless you.... Many of us don't know why we aren't bound by Old Testament law like the ancient Jews, it's because Jesus has become both our high priest and sacrifice !

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