Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ankh, the Cross, and the Lynching Tree

Revisiting Black Liberation Theology and the scripture "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree." “ (Galatians 3:13) rings louder than ever. For centuries our people were hung from trees violently in an act called lynching. Crucifixion was the lynching of Jesus' day used by the Romans, who held all the power, on the people they conquered. People feared crucifixion just like we feared lynching. As we look at our ancestors hanging on a tree we can look at Christ hanging on the Cross.The challenge of the Black Christian today is "How do you rectify the cross and the lynching tree?" Hanging pe put fear in the hearts of those who watched. It served as the final judgment and punishople on trees is an ancient practice that humiliated the deceased andment for the victim whether they were rightfully guilty or innocent. The tree has always been a symbol used by non-Hebrews/Jews and relates back to ancient Babylon as the evergreen tree (today as the Christmas tree), it was a symbol of Nimrod aka Osiris. Nimrod and his mother Seminaris (Osiris and his sister Isis or Asherah and Baal) were revered as gods from Babylon to Egypt. The story about Nimrod states that he killed his father and married his mother, who became pregnant with his baby, but before she gave birth, Nimrod was murdered and his body dismembered. His mother/wife Seminaris looked all over Babylon and found his body parts but the only part missing was his penis (phallus). Seminaris then said she had a vision of an evergreen tree sprouting and this was his phallus, and since that time, trees and wooden poles and obelisks in Egypt, were erected and decorated in honor of Nimrod. When Seminaris gave birth, she said Nimrod re-entered her body and was “born again”. (Now sidebar: If we look at these false trinity stories, we will see perversion in all of the stories, why would you worship deities of perversion?) “I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts” (Psalm 119:100), just because our ancestors believed something doesn’t make it right (but let’s not forget Judaism and Christianity were practiced by many blacks way before the slave trade). Now let us move on to the ankh; Egypt was Israel’s neighbor and looking at history, they were related nations. Our people traveled out of Ethiopia up to Nubia and then to Egypt, Canaan was the first place Africans settled outside of the continent creating the Nafturian culture. From there we moved on to Babylon/Mesopotamia and elsewhere. Abraham was called out of Babylon to be separate because that civilization was filled with idol worship and Nimrod worship; such worship was widespread through what we call the “Middle East” today (which was actually considered part of North Africa (Alkebulan) and Egypt. The Egyptians are an interesting bunch as they were very smart people, brilliant people, but unfortunately they corrupted the image of God. It is my theory that their chief god Amun was in fact the real true God (Jesus the Amen of God) but they continued to add and worship other gods and corrupted His image, “And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.” (Romans 1:23). Not to mention the languages and dialects of the people had to be similar as they traveled back and forth between nations; it only makes sense since we migrated, its only common sense. God could not use any of these nations because they were so convinced in their idol worship, but Abraham was found to a just man in God’s sight (same deal with Noah). Now the ankh is known as the "key of the gods", it was a symbol of life after death. So we have the ankh in Egypt as the symbol of life after death, and we have to tree/poles as the symbol of Nimrod’s resurrection in Babylon. In order to put both these false gods and false beliefs to shame God took both symbols wrapped in one and set His Jesus the Christ to die (cursed) and then three days later to rise again (life after death). God sent Jesus Christ to set the record straight! He did it in a way that let the intimidated, the oppressed, and the rejected, and the wrongfully accused etc etc know that there is hope, and that if we believe on Him, who took on the curse for us, that we would have eternal life. Many early Christians literally risked their lives to spread the gospel and many were ripped apart by lions, sawn in half, and beheaded, and many were crucified upside down as a way of mocking their faith. But the more we were persecuted the more we grew. Unfortunately, the Roman establishment soon saw the political gain of identifying with the faith and this led to the sad reality that followed in regards to slavery and other horrendous acts. It makes one ask the question "how was the oppressor able to use the cross as justification for the lynching tree?” I say, “the same way the image of God was corrupted in the first place”. History always repeats itself. Satan wants to be god so bad that he will use anything dedicated to God to mislead the people and glorify himself. HOWEVER, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE and the TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY. Know your history, know your God, know who you are! Be blessed! 1) the ankh, 2)the cross, 3) Jesus the Christ, 4) A lynched blackman, 5) Roman crucifixion, 6) An early Christian being crucified upside down

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