Saturday, January 5, 2013

Deuteronomy 28 Revisited

We always quote the part of Deuteronomy 28 that says "blessed thou shalt be in the city and field; blessed going out and coming in" BUT have BLACK folks ever considered the rest of the chapter??? The curses listed apply to us hands down! Being taken away in ships into bondage, having a yoke of iron upon the neck, having your children sold off into slavery, marrying a woman and another man sleeps with her, planting gardens for other people, building houses for other people, the fruit Of our labor is eaten up by another nation whom we never knew or heard of, diseases, mental illness, poverty, being known as an astonishment and a curse word, basically hated wherever we go.... You mean to tell me no one realizes that this hands down describes black people??? or that the Prophets or God didn't foresee mass slavery in the new world??? I think they did.... All this is a result of turning away from Yahweh and his laws.... Have we truly repented yet? We have a church on every corner in our neighborhoods and yet we are still failing; we as a people need to reconsider who we really are.... Just think about it, ponder a little while .....looks like white people( the slavemasters) knew the truth all along, think about the deliberate whitenization of Jesus Christ, blond hair and blue eyes,seriously, how is that possible??? And we believed that description so much that we put "his" picture up in our churches: Not that Christ's color matters but it matters since for hundreds of years color has been used as an excuse to enslave us! Have we really researched the Hebrews/Jews in the "Middle East" and the ones found all over Africa even until this day? Have you studied the etymology of the names in the bible? Many are Egyptians or African in root/origin.... Have you looked at ancient Egyptian depictions of the Canaanites, Hebrews/Jews etc? They are shown as brown skinned people....modern day Israel was set up by Europeans and Americans, the same ones who enslaved us, who has checked their claims to be "Jews"??? Hebrew is a tribal ethnic designation while Jew is just a believer or convert to the faith.... Wake up people!

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