Sunday, December 2, 2012

Introduction and Excerpt from my group Black Christians for Social Justice

Introduction For centuries the African race, African continent, and Blacks have been dehumanized and terrorized by the European/Western establishment. Our history has been distorted, degraded, and mush of it has been deleted. However, Africa must and will regain her former glory; her children must know who they are and their legacy. It is my firm belief that the ancient Hebrews were a multi-ethnic, mostly brown-skinned people. This page will seek to expose the truth about stolen African history, and expose the truth about the true beginnings Judeo- Christian faith. Excerpt from Black Christians for Social Justice Acknowledging the tumultuous and controversial history of Christianity and Colonialism, it has become a challenge for Black Christians to maintain our identity. Approximately 600 years ago, the African continent was visited by European travelers who had evil intentions in their hearts. These travelers were slave traders who used the Holy Bible and mandates from “the church” to enslave, torture, and dehumanize Africans. Enslavement was justified as being a God-given right to “civilize” the African “savage”, all the while utilizing the sweat and blood of our ancestors to build the Western World, particularly the United States of America. It is a known fact that Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices were on the African continent as early as the year 300 A.D. in East and North Africa. Christian settlements and churches were well established in Ethiopia and Egypt before the faith gained widespread popularity in Europe; Ethiopia is one of the very first nations to declare Christianity as its state religion. The idea of the modern day monastery as a place for monks and nuns (holy men and women) to live separate from the world was developed in Egypt. Despite the harsh and inhumane conditions of western world slavery, God has been faithful to our people. No other “race” of people has been able to endure and yet keep the faith, besides the Hebrew Israelites. Christianity was used as justification for this evil system, but we know God to be merciful and Jesus Christ to be not only our savior, but the savior of the whole world. Today, the Black church still stands as the as a rich unique institution; one of the only institutions owned and operated solely by the black community; and stands as a powerful force for social change and justice. The civil rights movement of the 1960s is the greatest example of how the black church, not only took the lead in social justice, but also produced many great leaders and thinkers, and served as a training and strategizing ground for social change. A renewed sense of consciousness and pride in our Blackness and African heritage are sweeping across our community, however resentment toward the faith and a return to “African Spirituality” are also taking hold. Although it is a great asset that many aspects of our culture and former spirituality have been preserved, we must be careful not to forsake our salvation for idols. The challenge for the Black Christian today is how to rectify The Cross and The Lynching Tree; How to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while information about “colonial evangelism” is being made public and confusing the masses. Our world today is full of chaos, death, and hatred; religious hostility, atheism, and anti-Christian sentiment are increasing. We understand that neo-colonialism, imperialism, racism, classism and inequality are still at work causing much pain and suffering worldwide. Now, more than ever, the horn is being blown for our Macedonian call! Babylon and Rome are re-strengthening their armies. Many people are hearing, reading, and studying the word, but like the Ethiopian that Phillip encountered, they still do not understand. It is our time and season to be living examples of the goodness and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a forum and open space for us to encourage, challenge, and support one another in Christ. Hopefully, someday it will become a national and international movement. Thank you my brothers and sisters for joining my page; this is OUR page. "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."---Proverbs 31:8-9

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