Sunday, December 2, 2012

Habiru Nomads may have been Hebrews

Some sources suggest that the Habiru nomads who settled anywhere from Iran to Canaan all the way to Egypt may have in fact been the ancient Hebrews, the Habiru were merchants, hired workers., an even served as slaves with no official homeland.... This seems plausible as the Hebrews/"Jews"/ Israelis were not officially a settled nation until after they left Egypt, the only land they had was a region around a small cave Abraham purchased from the Hittites in Canaan...."Etymological analyses of the term "Hebrew" ( 'ibri) have given little help to the study of origins. The term has been related to a root, meaning "to go over" or "to go across"; hence, a "Hebrew" would be one who crossed over or one who went from place to place, a nomad, a wanderer, a designation that would fit some aspects of patriarchal behavior. A similar term, habiru, is found in cuneiform documents from the twentieth to the eleventh centuries..." ---this is from a secular website www.

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