Monday, December 17, 2012

Fulani/Fulan/Fulbe etc Nomads of Africa

Women of the Fulani/Fulan tribe of Africa....the Fulani are a nomadic tribe found in many African countries especially West Africa....the origins of this tribe are fairly unknown as they are mostly nomadic herders...some scholars speculate that they maybe members of the Lost Tribes of Israel similar to the Falasha (means "wanderer") Jews of Ethiopia; they may have emigrated from the Sudan (Nubia) and Ethiopia region...There is some debate as to whether they are Black Africans or Blacks from the region called the "middle east" because of their so-called "european-like" features. However the Fulani are a great example of the diversity of the Black race, we all are not descendants of Ham, some of us came from Shem...we are a diverse race! ..... in many communities they are known for their elaborate face tattoos picture is copyright of Charles O. Cecil