Friday, December 28, 2012

Black Canaan

"Canaan is often refereed to as the "Natufian" culture, which was an Epipaleolithic culture of Africans who migrated into the area thousands of year earlier. The Natufian existed from 13,000 to 9,800 years ago, it was unusual in that it was sedentary, or semi-sedentary, before the introduction of agriculture...Ancient Canaan was probably the first place, outside of Africa, where ancient man first became "settled" (Agricultural). Archeological excavations have shown evidence of human habitation in Canaan, from Paleolithic and Mesolithic times. At the site of the ancient city of Jericho, evidence reveals a settled community and an agricultural way of life had existed there, since about 9,000 B.C."... If you read Genesis closely and study history you will discover that the Canaanites, Hebrews, Arabs and those in that region were brown-skinned people....we have been looking at historical events through the eyes of European lies....from:

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