Monday, December 17, 2012

Ancient Hebrew Rule in the Kingdom of Ghana

"Starting about 300 AD, the Kingdom of Ghana began to be ruled by a dynasty of Jewish Kings known as the Za Dynasty. The founder of the Dynasty was a man named Za el Yemeni, who was descended from Jews of Yemen. He established his capital city at Gao on the Niger River, in what is now the nation of Mali.This area was rich in gold and iron, the latter metal being of great value in the forging of we apons with which neighboring Kingdoms were conquered. Within the Kingdom of Ghana the first public buildings, canals, and irrigation systems in this part of the world were built. According to the writings of Eldad the Danite, a famous Algerian Jewish author of the ninth century, Ghana was a Hebrew nation which followed the Law of Moses. The people of Ghana traced their roots to Jews of the First Diaspora of 600 BC, who were forcibly expelled from Israel by the Assyrians. In support of this, Eldad reported that the Ghanans possessed the Torah, which was compiled before the Diaspora, but not the Talmud, which was compiled in Jerusalem and Babylon much later, during the early centuries of the Christian era." picture from:

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